University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology Society

Founded in 2011, UMSATS is a competition student group based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our primary purpose and goal is to participate in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge by designing, building and competing with a triple-cube nanosatellite. If you are a passionate about space, enthusiastic about challenges, dedicated to learning, and a degree-seeking student, we want you to join us!

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Who We AreA diverse, multidisciplinary team

UMSATS is a team which consists of 50+ degree-seeking students from undergraduate and graduate studies. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of students from the faculties of engineering, science, business, education, fine arts, and law. We believe that to make our project successful, we need the help of all talents and perspectives. Afterall, the space sector is a highly collaborative industry.

There are 5 subsystem teams which make up UMSATS: Mechanical, Software, Electrical, Payload and Business.

Our Mission, Vision, and GoalsAd Astra

Foster an inclusive culture for space exploration by making space missions accessible to undergraduate and graduate students

Launch the first student‐designed satellite in Manitoba

Develop and introduce alternative satellite technologies and push for economical access to space

Prepare students for future career opportunities in various industries through interdisciplinary teamwork

Promote the development of aerospace industry in Manitoba through space projects

Collaborate with industry leaders to establish networks and build professional relationships

Become a bridge between University of Manitoba students and the space industry

About the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Canada's national triplecube nanosatellite competition


The Canadian Satellite Challenge was founded in 2011 to challenge university students across Canada to engage in nanosatellite development, promote STEM careers, and educate the public on space topics.

Space mission development is one of the core focuses of the competition, and requires teams to participate in programme management development, preliminary design review, critical design review, and environmental testing. Each team is judged and given constructive criticism by Canadian space industry experts and veterans. Each milestone in the competition is ranked, driving the competitive spirit among participating teams.

Throughout the CSDC, students have the opportunity to participate in workshops, attend tours, and network with the Canadian space sector. These opportunities are valuable learning experiences, as well as an incentive for participation as students are invited behind the closed doors of some of Canada’s most important facilities.

The CSDC also includes an outreach component as part of the team ranking, and the competition introduced the UrtheCast Outreach award in 2014. The winning team is determined by the quality and content of the outreach program. UMSATS received the first award in 2014 after reaching out to over 3,000 individuals locally, nationally, and internationally in classrooms, the community, and large events.

The current competition began in September 2016, and will close in May 2018. There are currently nine competing teams, which include: Concordia University, École Polytechnique de Montréal, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo, York University, University of New South Wales (Australia), and of course, the University of Manitoba.